Win The Divorce Settlement You Deserve, Without Paying For A Lawyer Up-Front

With the help of a specialist divorce loan you can afford to hire a great lawyer- and start your journey to independence.

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It's Time To Level The Playing Field

We believe your divorce settlement should be determined by what is fair...Not by whether or not you can afford to hire a lawyer.

With specialist divorce funding you can:

Hire a great lawyer

Get expert legal support without worrying about how to pay your legal bills.

Win a fair settlement

Secure your financial future with a great divorce settlement.

Pay nothing up-front

Add certainty to the process with up-front funding - and only repay when you win your settlement.

What is a divorce funding loan?

Pay nothing until you receive your settlement

If you are going through a divorce but don't have the financial resources to hire a lawyer, a divorce funding loan can help you seek justice.A specialist loan can be used to cover your legal fees and court costs- Allowing you to pursue your case without any upfront costs, and with no repayments to make until the end of your case, once you've received your settlement.

Get an experienced lawyer in your corner

Our panel of specialist divorce lawyers have years of experience in fighting for fair settlements

A great lawyer can make a world of difference to your divorce. Proper legal expertise is key to winning a fair settlement and securing your future.But finding the right lawyer and budgeting for legal fees can be daunting.That’s why we’ve simplified the process.We can find you the perfect match from our network of seasoned divorce lawyers ready to fight for your rights. And, as well as building your legal case, our lawyers can apply for funding on your behalf- guiding you through the process and handling all the paperwork.If approved, your legal fees will be paid upfront- letting you focus on your case safe in the knowledge you’re set up for success, both legally and financially.

Hiring a lawyer can lead to...

Better settlements

Hiring a lawyer led to better settlement outcomes and higher client satisfaction

Faster resolution

Hiring a lawyer led to quicker case resolution

How does it work?

Find Lawyers & Funding is a free and unique comparison site that makes finding a lawyer and funding your case easy.Simply answer a few questions about your case, and we will then put you in touch with up to 4 expert lawyers from our pre-approved panel who will contact you to discuss your funding options.If you choose to proceed, your lawyer will handle the loan application on your behalf.That means you get access to vetted, experienced legal professionals and specialist funding, all in one place.

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What are the key features of a divorce funding loan?

Hire a great lawyer: Get funding to cover all of your lawyer expenses and court fees. You can also strengthen your case with funding for experts such as a forensic accountant or specialist barrister.
Choose your venue: Use your funding for mediation, arbitration, or court proceedings- the choice is yours.
Get help with your expenses: Minimise the disruption to your life with an additional living expenses loan to help with everything from household bills to mortgage/rent payments, or school/nursery fees.
Easy application: Your lawyer will apply for the loan on your behalf, with fast approvals in as little as 24 hours.
Simple interest: Interest rates are charged on a simple (not compound) basis, and are rolled into the loan and only repaid at the end of your case- meaning you don’t have to pay a penny until you’ve received your settlement*

*Rates vary by lender. See FAQ for details.

Meet the barrister & founder

Our story was founded by Neil Johnstone, a practising barrister, in response to a common problem he noticed: Clients were unable to pursue deserving cases due to a lack of upfront funds. Despite the potential for significant settlements in the future, clients often had to under-settle, or abandon their cases altogether, due to an inability to pay their legal fees.Neil knew that specialist divorce funding could help bridge the gap, and so founded; a platform designed to connect eligible clients with law firms that can arrange the necessary is your gateway to a fairer, more financially manageable divorce.

Legal professionals and funders you can trust

All our legal professionals and funders are accredited or regulated

It's time to start your next chapter

The first step to independence is often the hardest.
Don't take it alone.
Enquire now for free and let us help you find the legal support you need.

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